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- Michael Christopher

Gene Simmons on 'I Was Made For Loving You': I Hate That SongIt might be one of the biggest hits for KISS, but that doesn't mean the Demon has to like it. C [...]

- Tyler Sharp

Tom DeLonge's UFO Hunting Company Is $37 Million in Debt – UpdatedHe's definitely not feelin' this. Continue reading… [...]

- Joe DiVita

Decrepit Birth Singer Breaks Leg Stage Diving, Will Only Miss 4 ShowsWhy didn't anyone catch him? Continue reading… [...]

- Chad Childers

Atreyu Vocalist Claims They Invented Metalcore'That may sound cocky but I don’t care.' Continue reading… [...]

- Graham Hartmann

Elvis Presley, the Original Rock Star, Did Everything FirstForty-one years after his death, it's worth reminding ourselves why he was -- and still is -- s [...]

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